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About The Simon Rivett-Carnac Trust

We are a grant giving charitable trust set up in 2021 in memory of Simon Rivett-Carnac who took his life in December 2019 after suffering from depression and anxiety. As a family we lost the most wonderful husband, father, brother and son and his many friends lost the most loyal friend you could wish for.

We aim to continue what Simon, or Riv as he was known, had begun to explore. Simon was very keen over the time when he was ill to give something back by supporting charities that work in the field of mental health, sadly he never got the chance, but we would like to do that in his memory and leave a meaningful legacy to a fabulous and kind man.

He was a successful fund manager, talented sportsman, brilliant storyteller, and a great wit but, like many successful people, he was good at hiding what he felt inside and was reluctant to get help because of the stigma of mental health, particularly in the world of finance.

He loved his life, both at work and at home and had so much more to give but was periodically dogged by self-doubt and feelings of shame that he would somehow let us all down. The tragedy is that we never managed to get him the help that he needed.

Today, more than ever, we know how important it is to seek help but that can be hard to find. With our charitable trust we aim to support small projects and charities who work in the field of mental health. As a gardener and artist, I am particularly aware of how both practices can help those in need and will be focusing on this.

If you are interested in finding out more or making a donation, or are a charity working in this field, please get in touch. As the trust develops we will update the website with information about who we are helping.


Our Aim

To support mental health charities and projects in the UK.



Who we are

Chairman: Sir Jonathan Rivett-Carnac

Elder brother of Simon and company director.

Admin: Sarah Rivett-Carnac

Gardener and artist, married to Simon for over 25 years.


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